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Heart Shape Confetti


Heart Shape Confetti
Heart Shape Confetti

Hey Lovelies!!

Valentine's Day is coming soon!! 

So, who's ready to SHOW the most LOVE???

The Love Showcase is designed to:

  • Create intentional JOYOUS feelings around this holiday

  • Provide love & attention to those truly in NEED of POSITIVITY 

  • Cultivate your "personal love ground" with GENUINE love seeds


The Love Showcase participation rules:

  • Create an expression of love to a person, group, or organization

  • Take a pic or video of you "showing love" on Valentine's Day

  • Tag @dreeammsglobal on IG/FB for love receipts 

PRIZE: One ticket to my "Divine Dating Accelerator". ($297 value)

Sowing love into others could get you the very love you desire, 

after a personal one-on-one dating session with me to accelerate

&/or transform your dating life! REGISTER BELOW!



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