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I teach women of faith, 30+,
strategies to follow God’s plan &
date a quality man!​​

Divine Dating Strategist

 Sharonda  Dreeamms

DreeammS Global LLC  started in a simple time of self-reflection and prayer to increase the amount of joy and fulfillment Sharonda desired in her life. After a few moments, she began to write down the most important things in her life and realized these were the very things she was paying the least amount of attention to. Right then and there, she mapped out a plan to change that narrative and immediately, joy started to well up, with a long awaited excitement to take her life's purpose back. Coincidentally, everything she wrote down just minutes prior created the acronym, DreeammS.


DreeammS: Divinity, Relationships, Evangelism, Entrepreneurship, Academics, Money and More, all important elements of a force named Sharonda. Thus, DreeammS was born, along with a determination to pursue her dreams in life & love and help others do the same.


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