I help people to fulfill their dreams in Life and Love, both online and offline, through
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Dream Producer

Sharonda Green Christopher

DreeammS Global LLC  started in a simple time of self-reflection and prayer to increase the amount of joy and fulfillment Sharonda desired in her life. After a few moments, she began to write down the most important things in her life and realized these were the very things she was paying the least amount of attention to. Right then and there, she mapped out a plan to change that narrative and immediately, joy started to well up, with a long awaited excitement to take her life's purpose back. Coincidentally, everything she wrote down just minutes prior created the acronym, DreeammS.


DreeammS: Divinity, Relationships, Evangelism, Entrepreneurship, Academics, Money and More, all important elements of a force named Sharonda. Thus, DreeammS was born, along with a determination to pursue her dreams and help others do the same.


DreeammS Services

DreeammS Business Consulting

Consult Service for Start-ups & Idea Generation

DreeammS Book Publishing

Full Service for Children & Inspirational Books

DreeammS Divine Dating 

Dating Service with Online Courses, Events & Seminars

Sharonda Green-Christopher of Dreeamms Global Enterprise gave me step by step support to successfully publish my children's book. She ensured I met my deadlines with friendly reminders, even during a holiday trip to see my family! Sharonda also ensured my vision for the illustrations in my book were properly executed. It was easy and fun working with Sharonda, and I would recommend anyone wanting to publish a book to work with her! 

- Christina Stanley

Sharonda’s involvement with my son has improved his grades dramatically. Her communication is consistent and timely. I most appreciate her involvement with my son’s teachers to help develop a plan specifically tailored to his needs.

- Java Hardge

I worked with Sharonda last spring on my Honeybee Project. All I had was an idea and after working with her I was accepted into the launch challenge program through the SBA and obtained my certificate of completion! I am currently working on revising my business plan and look forward to working with her throughout the life of my business! Sharonda is so understanding and knowledgeable, I recomend  her services to anyone looking to start a business or build a dream.

- Tamerria Benton 

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